Exoquery’s Tiered Support provides a comprehensive model for providing high-availability for Exoquery products in an operational environment.

The following descriptions show the three levels in our tiered support model, and describe the escalation strategy for each level.

Whatever your issue, contacting our Services and Support staff will ensure that it is directed to, and resolved by, the most appropriate person.

Tier 1: Customer Service/Help desk (Customer Support Representative)

This group is the first line of support and generally receives customers calls first. They perform triage, solving straightforward problems themselves and escalate the rest onto Tier 2. In some rare cases, they may escalate directly to Tier 3.

Tier 2: Technical support (Technical Support Engineer).

This group handles escalations from Tier 1 and escalates to Tier 3 if required. TSEs try to find the solution to a customer's problem either on their own, but also also have direct lines into Tier 3 and Exoquery Management.

Tier 3: System Engineering (Product Management/Developer)

Engineering is in charge of the bug tracking process and uses it as a means for monitoring the health of the products we have built and are maintaining. Priorities for bug fixes are set by Exoquery Management.

Physical support is done via a combination of telephone & email support, alongside WebEx and DropBox, plus remote access to the Exoquery systems.

Please email to contact our Support Staff directly.


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